Cranberry 36mg

NPN 80104484

Manufactured By Utiva by Sizo+
Made from locally sourced Canadian cranberries, this highly concentrated formula helps prevent recurring urinary tract infections by preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.
  • Contains 36mg of PACs, a high dose of the bioactive component of cranberries
  • Clinically proven to help prevent UTIs (measured by DMAC/A2)
  • High in antioxidants

Why you'll love it

You Are Over Antibiotics.

Urinary tract infections are fairly common amongst women and are often short lived and self limiting, up to 40% of these infections may become chronic leading to increased antibiotic use and decreased quality of life (hello running to the bathroom every 5 minutes or that lovely burning pain…).

In fact, UTIs are amongst the top three reasons why antibiotics are prescribed today, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you suffer from chronic UTI’s, have tried implementing measures after sex without success or want to break the UTI-antibiotic cycle to avoid antibiotic resistance, then this supplement may be just what you are looking for!

UTI Facts:

A UTI (urinary tract infection, also known as cystitis or bladder infection) results from an overgrowth of bacteria causing an infection in any part of your urinary system including the urethra, bladder or kidneys.

While both men and women can experience the discomfort of a UTI, women tend to suffer from them more often due to anatomical differences which make it easier for bacteria to enter and proliferate the urinary tract. Additionally, certain conditions such as warm temperatures, increased moisture and environmental pH can contribute to the likelihood and frequency of these infections.

Preventing UTIs

The good news is that in many cases, UTIs are easily preventable. Staying hydrated, peeing before and after sex, wiping from front to back, avoiding tight fitting pants and changing your feminine sanitary products regularly can all be very helpful lifestyle measures that are relatively easy to implement.

How Cranberry can Help Prevent UTIs

The use of Cranberry supplements has also been extensively studied and shown positive results for prevention when it comes to reducing the number of UTI episodes without the use of antibiotics. Keep in mind that you may still need antibiotic therapy to cure an active infection, but supplementing with a good quality, high potency cranberry supplement while on antibiotics can help reduce the course and prevent the adhesion of even more bacteria during your treatment.

Why this formula?

This unique, highly concentrated formula is simple, natural, and backed by science.

The active components of the cranberry responsible for preventing adhesion of bacteria to the bladder wall are known as proanthocyanidins (PACs) and are most accurately measured and standardized using the DMAC/A2 scientific method.  This method of testing helps to ensure that you are getting only the most potent active components of the cranberry in each capsule.

Whereas standard cranberry capsules available on the market typically contain 1% (or 5mg) of PACs, our supplement contains 15% (or 36mg) this  is the clinically proven amount necessary to prevent and decrease the frequency of UTI’s.

This supplement is extracted from whole fresh cranberries which ensures that the active component comes from all parts of the cranberry. In fact, 125kg of cranberries are used to make 1kg of this highly concentrated formula.

Typically, cranberry products are known to have high levels of Vitamin K and Oxalates which can interfere with blood thinners and aggravate kidney stones, however this supplement has been formulated with the removal of Vitamin K and contains only has trace amounts of Oxalates.

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How much do I really need?

Small but mighty, one capsule a day is all you need to help prevent recurring UTI’s and decrease the frequency of antibiotic use.

By comparison, you would need to drink 4 glasses of cranberry juice or take 9 capsules of most other formulas to achieve the same concentration of active ingredients as you’ll find in just one of our cranberry capsules!

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Nutritional Info

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving

Urophenol - 240mg Cranberry (125:1) (Vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit extract providing 15% proanthocyanidins (PACs) = 36mg PAC per DMAC/A2


Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, rice flour.

Recommended Use or Purpose:  For the prevention of recurring or chronic urinary tract infections

Recommended Dose (Adults): Take 1 capsule daily around the same time with or without food. For sex associated UTI or symptomatic relief, take 2 capsules the day of and 2 capsules 24 hours later

Cautions & Warning: All Vitamin K has been removed to minimize interaction with blood thinners and only trace amounts of oxalates exists to minimize impact on kidney stones.

As with any natural health product, you should consult your healthcare practitioner on the use of this product. Store product in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. If you experience an adverse event or allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and contact a healthcare professional.